I Am A Grumpy Old Man I Am Proud To Be A Veteran If This Offends You I Don’t Care Shirt

Look, I don’t know what the contract says, but Rogan would have to have the dumbest lawyers in the history of the legal profession not to have an out-clause that protects against this shit. Everyone knows what his content is, nobody is caught off-guard, and especially not so soon after the ink has dried. But I guarantee you some people at Spotify weren’t happy when this contract was signed, and that is the origin of this story.

I Am A Grumpy Old Man I Am Proud To Be A Veteran If This Offends You I Don’t Care Shirt

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The show has gone so downhill this would just be the nail in the coffin. Rogan has been believing his own bullshit now and thinks he’s become some kind of legit news source where he needs to fact check and correct himself all the time. I get to a point but it is affecting the quality of the show negatively. Tim Dillon is a prime example. One of the funniest guys in that circle right now and Rogan is trying to fact check the guy for 3 hours while

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