Husband And Wife Love Never Dies Shirt

COLD BREW!!!!! Even Folgers is palatable when cold brewed. The heat leeches out acids and tannin’s from the coffee that make it bitter. You can achieve a smoother coffee when cooked at the correct temperature but you’re looking at an expensive machine that will temperature control that precisely. Cold-brew is a much cheaper solution. Also, green coffee is pretty good brewed either way but it’s much more expensive due to shelf life.

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Husband And Wife Love Never Dies Shirt

I’ve recently bought enough espresso equipment to realize that I have a real problem. The only other way to spend more money on drug paraphernalia is to home-brew. And after 30-40 bad no good awful shots, I’ve finally gotten the art of really honing in and extracting the coffee. All those flavors—chocolate, cherries, honey—are there genuinely with about an 80% hit rate.

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