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My brother died five and a half years ago. My mom kept some of his ashes before burying the rest. Every time they go on a trip, she takes him with. Odd, but hear me out. She places a small number of his ashes into vegetable capsules. Then when she’s on her trip, she spreads his ashes. She’s spread his ashes in Portugal, Spain, Peru, Mexico, and a few states within the US. He died young and wanted to travel. This is her way to take him around the world. Sky burial. Put my ass in a giant tower where the birds pick at my remains until the sun reduces what’s left into dust that blows onto the desert sand below. Sounds metal as hell.

How To Use A Face Mask Snopy Shirt


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But I probably wanna be buried, hopefully not in a crowded graveyard full of strangers. Maybe on an empty hill so I can be alone but with enough room so if I die first my husband will have space to be buried nearby and stuff, maybe with my pets too. At first, I would like to wait for a good while just in case I am not dead, just severely unconscious. Nothing would be worse than being alive but you can’t do anything when your family and friends have your funeral.