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In 2012, he took out a $100 million mortgage on the commercial space in Trump Tower. He has also sold hundreds of millions worth of stock and bonds. But his financial records indicate that he may have as little as $873,000 left to sell. He appears to have paid off none of the principal of the Trump Tower mortgage, and the full $100 million comes due in 2022. And if he loses his dispute with the I.R.S. over the 2010 refund, he could owe the government more than $100 million (including interest on the original amount).

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Can you get security clearance with that level of debt? That’s one of the factors they look into in the UK for high-level clearance, I’ve got a friend who had a ~100k debt as a contractor who didn’t get their clearance because they were deemed to be much more likely to take a payout. The president doesn’t go through the clearance process, unfortunately. They automatically are given access to all information by virtue of their election I believe (which makes sense, but unfortunately assumes we’d never have a shmuck like this in office).