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A few hours after she said that POC chooses to be poor amongst some other pretty fucking racist things. I pulled a card I thought I would never have to. One I really didn’t want to use but she wasn’t getting it. We were going out to dinner and offered to drive, I said “No I don’t want you to drive” she said, “Why?”A few years ago we lived in a heavily Latino part of town. My wife is Asian and repeatedly complained about rudeness from Latinos, including the cashiers at Target. A couple of times I saw a cashier be sweet as can be to the Latino customers in front of my wife, then be indifferent, cold and rude to my wife. This was during the Obama administration. So… did Obama’s America scare you? Obama was clearly responsible for the behavior of those Latinos, right?

Hot Yorkshire Terrier Antidepressant Ugly Christmas Shirt

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I have been married to my black wife for almost 20 years now. We see this all the time. The attitudes,, rudeness, stares, etc. This isn’t just Trump but he certainly encourages those who feel that way. Stay strong and stay safe. It’s not worth confronting stupid people. Just recognize who they are and others will too. More and more people are finding themselves chastised for their idiocy when they show their true selves.