Hot Yes I Really Do Need All These Monkeys Shirt

A coworker of mine today, I was arguing with because he still can’t be serious. Said something like he disagrees with how much money people are going to get. Had to point out how fortunate he is to still be working (large vending company). He then said how we will all be back to work soon because trump said so and he also added that trump said yesterday he doesn’t want any more people to die. Hell, Nixon at least had things you could credit him for, such as the establishment of the EPA, opening relations with China, and SALT I. I don’t think Trump has anything that will be looked upon fondly. North Korea could have been that moment for him, but he blew it when he expressed less interest in fixing relations and more in personally befriending Kim Jong Un.

The good thing about this is how Trump’s presidency will be recorded in history books. No longer will Nixon be known as the worst leader in history. That will be bestowed to Trump, along with all of his unprecedented lies, his deceit, the corruption, the incompetence, his sick obsessions, and sicker family, and prove to generations that this man was a complete and utter fraud. His cherished name will be forever tarnished and hopefully, the world will never have to deal with it again.

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