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I must have Stockholm syndrome bc after the hell after the past 5 days I’m suddenly nostalgic for learning about counties in states I don’t live in and watching ballots come inTo all the people worried that they won’t go after trump and associates… don’t forget how close Biden was to being Bernie. This is a very different situation than Bush->Obama. Don’t compare apples and oranges. They will go after them. But it’s not going to be talked about until Biden is securely in place and covid is dealt with. Anything else would be strategically short-sighted for a variety of reasons.

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I want to give Trump some credit because in this case, he deserves it. I’m a year away from 40. I’m really halfway through this journey. With my family history, probably more. I’ve never voted before now. Never thought it mattered. I didn’t support him or Hillary before. Why would I? It didn’t matter. Regardless of who is in power, we all kind of just get through it, right? I hope that doesn’t make me come off as uncaring. Honestly, if you have to put a label on it, I’ve always leaned left. But boy did he make me realize that job has consequences. It fucking matters who sits in that office. I seriously doubt I’m unique in that regard.

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