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I think people have forgotten that there are a whole lot of states other than the ones people are focusing on right now that still have lots of votes to count. California is only at 74% right now. Washington is at 86%. Mississippi is at 77%. Ohio is at 92%. Plenty of others still counting. It’s just that these aren’t as close so people don’t care. It’s not like there are a few specific states that are messing up counting somehow. It would have been one thing for there to have been a landslide and for Trump to be catapulted out of the presidency on election day. But seriously, how much better is it just knowing that he’s sitting in the white house bleeding his leads

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So, let’s break this down a bit: Trump needs to win Pennsylvania to have a chance to win the election. The 100% needs PA. That’s it. Because of this, I think PA is more interesting to analyze than the other states.PA has 550k mail-in votes left to count. Those ballots are from blue counties. Biden is behind Trump by 114k votes. However, he’s winning ballots at a rate of 77.35%. By that math, Biden will pass Trump after 152k more ballots have been counted. If that win rate per ballot holds true, Biden should win PA with around a 250k+ lead when everything is counted.

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