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I mean, the economy will probably collapse. So that’s less cool. A better way to stabilize our population is to increase immigration (even illegal immigration supports our economy). Of course, 30% of our population elected a reality show star for president because they hate Mexicans, so that might be a tough sell. The economy will probably collapse as it is, yes, but it doesn’t have to be that way – it doesn’t have to be set up as an infinite pyramid scheme that relies on more and more people existing as time passes. Exactly. An ever-growing, polluting population on a planet with finite resources simply isn’t sustainable.

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We should focus on living sustainably, especially in first world countries since we leave the largest footprint. And we should make good education spread all across the planet to create stable economies which in turn will stop the population growth. And then, if we’d still not be entirely sustainable, we should focus on shrinking our population in a way that doesn’t collapse our societies. Why do we want more people? Why is increasing the population of the earth a goal? Sustainability should be the goal, not growth.

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