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I am not condoning the actions of our president. I do believe he has possibly perpetuated a normalization of racism in certain parts of America. HOWEVER, to say that this terrible event is a cause of Trump and his leadership is so wrong. How dare we blame the systematic racism that has been present in this country since its birth on the president that we have now. Absolutely not the way to beat this. This type of racism is an ingrained part of our life. In order to beat it, we all need to change the way we act, the way our culture is, the way we think about ourselves and others. This is not a symptom of a horrid president. This is a part of who we are.

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I work with an almost 70-year-old Mexican woman. She is absolutely wonderful! Sweet, witty, kinda naughty, just awesome. We talked about past jobs and she told me she worked at Walmart when trump was elected. She described a huge shift in how she was treated after by white people in particular. Wetback was a daily nomer. She was told multiple times by unhappy customers they would call immigration, ask for her green card, tell her they hoped she died when she was deported.