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He could have invested in the Black community at any point in the last 4 years. He has the power to put the plan into motion today. But it seems predicated on reelection. The good news is that he will still have 2 months to get it going after Biden wins. I guess wealth and the desire to keep as much as you can drive some to get in bed with some really terrible people, including racist bags of shit like Trump. And when you say Trump is racist his supporters always say, “show me where he said or did anything racist”, like dude, if you can’t see it, you are it.

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I am so glad I love people more than my bank balance,” she ( Yvette Nicole Brown ) wrote, adding: “There’s nothing a white supremacist could offer me that is worth my people or the lives of any other group of people in this country who are suffering.”Another tweeter wrote: “Did you ask him why he decided to meet w/ you less than a week before Election Day? When are some of y’all gonna learn?”You’re not a high priority if someone takes a meeting with you five days prior to an election.”

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