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She’s young and allowed to be wrong on some things. At least she makes it clear that she doesn’t have strong opinions on it. She’s doing good work trying to push governments to act, and anything is better than the next to nothing we’re seeing from certain major countries. That said, nuclear is a wonderful 20-year solution to a cleaner power grid, but there is a degree of triage in terms of what we can convince the world to fund. She actually goes beyond that. She separates her own personal opinion while respecting the views of the scientific community. It’s not easy maintaining two opposing views

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This is one of the things that really irritates me about the climate change debate. What’s more dangerous, climate change or nuclear power? Right now, a lot of people who say climate change is a disaster sure aren’t acting like it. Here in the US, of the people running for president, only Yang and Booker have reasonable policies on the matter, and that’s concerning. What do you mean by western standards though, everyone owning a car isn’t going to be sustainable, but plenty of western comforts can still be sustainably achieved with the right restructuring. What I’m saying is we don’t need to live in markedly worse conditions for it to be sustainable.

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