Hot Iron Maiden Band Skeleton Powersgave Lightning Shirt

Well done my man. You really asserted your maturity here and made the best choice possible. I left a super long comment on the previous post and I must say, myself and I’m certain, everyone else is incredibly happy about this. Kudos to you, brother. Don’t look back! You should tell her, that as she is a human and an omnivore she has the luxury of choosing her diet, whereas cats need to eat meat and not synthetic foods because meat has nutrients that the cats can’t produce themselves and that generally speaking the cat can’t do anything against that and even if you gave it away it would still eat meat.

Hot Iron Maiden Band Skeleton Powersgave Lightning SweatshirtHot Iron Maiden Band Skeleton Powersgave Lightning Sweatshirt

Hot Iron Maiden Band Skeleton Powersgave Lightning Shirt

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Oh, my gods! Cuties little kitty. I am so happy you have that precious fur child. Give Mittens a cuddle and maybe some chicken. My cats love boiled chicken breast. I cook for them at home since I don’t like the store food. Yes wanted to also say this. Please don’t feed your cat a vegan or plant-based diet. They are meant to eat meat and you should get cat foods that are way more meat-based than plant-based. Best of luck going forward to both you and Mittens. May the next girl fall in love with the cat first to spare you such heartache again.

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