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The goalposts to what makes her viewpoint legitimate have been moved and will continue to love because the people using these “arguments” have no intention of changing their viewpoint. It’s honestly sad. I’d be curious about the carbon footprint of the trip. Most fancy yachts have engines and generators and luxury accommodations, I doubt they are very fuel-efficient when they are running and it seems to be quite the fancy boat.SV La Vagabonde is a sailing catamaran. Sometimes crews will run engines when becalmed. Other crews will just wait for the wind to pick back up in order to avoid wasting expensive fuel. Electricity on these boats is generally provided by a small solar array.

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The boat has both solar panels and a generator that uses its forward momentum in the water to store power. The electricity is used to purify water, run equipment, and charge items on the boat as well as run two refrigerators. They rarely use the motor when underway as they can generate power in the aforementioned ways. If the conditions are shit however they used the engines to motor sail and for power.When she flat out says she’s not trying to set an example of how to live but is trying to get attention, scrutinizing the logistics of her performance art seems beside the point. It was sort of a hunger strike of transportation. A hunger-striker isn’t saying nobody should eat.

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