Hot Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee To Focus Halloween Shirt

What is your storage solution when you get close to 1600? I didn’t expect to get to this point in just a few months. So I’ve done multiple rounds of clearing out junk but I think I’ll need to create another character to store my stuff soon. I’m at the point where the cost of all the upgrades isn’t an issue, I’m wondering if transferring items like that will be so tedious and time-consuming that it’s not even worth it. Thanks, I think my problem is I try to keep one of everything in storage just in case. Probably an old habit from when I couldn’t afford to order everything I wanted if I got rid of it. I’m still not used to having the Nook Shopping app.

Hot Hocus Pocus I Need Coffee To Focus Halloween Shirt

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A weird bug but I discovered that after talking to a villager sometimes, especially if they approach you, they will go into their “thinking” mode and a speech bubble of them thinking appears for a second before going away again. Pretty sure this is a new bug as of 1.3.0 and I asked around on the HyruleGamingGroup discord, Hyliandescent says it’s a common bug so I’m not sure if anyone else has had it here either?




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