Hot Forget About Santa I’ll Just Ask My Aunta Claus Shirt

Watching VP-elect Harris and Pres-elect Biden tonight was incredible. Seeing Georgia flip blue earlier this week brought about an amount of pride in my home state I can’t recall ever feeling. And, I can’t wait to vote for Rafael Warnock for senate. I know the next four years are going to be tough given the political landscape and I feel we’re gonna see Trump again or one of his surrogates in four years, but I’m optimistic about our future for the first time in a while and this is a pretty damn cool moment.

Don Lemon and Van Jones’ speeches today are legendary. Just goes to show how deep the pain and anguish go living through this administration and weathering the vitriol and hate that people felt free to spew with Trump as president. Good riddance you see this comment(which you won’t since there are nearly 85K comments) this post has the record for most Ternion awards received for a single post on Reddit. Biden now leads by 10,195 votes in Georgia. Very hard to overcome that in a recount. I know Biden has already claimed the Presidency but the more emphatic the win, the better. That makes Trump’s lawsuit/recount life harder, the better.