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Exactly, and Instagram stories/pictures are much more personal, showing their day to day lives that you’d never be able to see otherwise, while paparazzi is just a picture of them walking around in public. Imo paparazzi are some of the biggest scum, they treat people like animals and don’t understand that just because you rich and famous doesn’t mean you can’t have personal space and privacy. Not only that but a lot of the pictures they get are from friends of the celebrity or someone in the right place at the right time and not really from someone who considers paparazzi being their main job.

Hot Every Gun Law Is Unconstitutional Shirt


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I always got annoyed when I was a mailman and I’d be waiting to cross a street, not at a crosswalk, on a 4 lane road… and one car would stop and wave me to cross. Mother fucker, there are 3 other lanes, and they aren’t stopping, and oh hey look, you almost got rear-ended by someone not expecting someone at a dead stop in the middle of the street. And that person then veers around you at high speed… and you’re still impatiently trying to wave me to cross.