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Then have the government stop funding student loans which was the cause of the high tuition rates, to begin with. Sincerely an engineering student who lived off ramen to pay his loans off early because fuck you for getting interested from me. Gravel institute says it like there would be no repercussions of that, but there would be. Primarily a giant increase in our current government debt forcing future generations to pay it off, or a giant tax increase forcing those who already paid off their debt or didn’t take out federal loans altogether to pay. Do you think the current standard of college people are in debt too should be free? That’s not gonna be self-sufficient considering many people who go to college never get a job in their studies (the reason we’re in this mess), thus there would need to be a giant barrier to who gets government-paid college.

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If the college wouldn’t be free and this would be one-time forgiveness… that’s a recognition at the government level that our current college standard is a bad idea for everyone leaving high school, therefore the conditioning and curriculum in our public schools to assume everyone is going to college needs to stop as it’s systematically putting people in debt. What a wonderfully enormous and instant transfer of wealth to people who already have an advantage in earning potential. Meanwhile, people who decided they could not afford college debt due to having children, no resources, or family connections just get a “Sorry, guy. You should have been stupid with your finances!”