Hot Allen Iverson Steps Over Donald Trump Funny Shirt

Perhaps it’s inevitable. Governments shouldn’t mandate and instead focus on educating the public. Here in America media has got it so fucking twisted contradicting itself left and right that people have become defiant to these rules, go fucking figure honestly don’t get it. Halloween rolled around and everyone insisted on taking part. Here come Thanks Giving and everyone is insisting on taking part. WTAF people? People are dying daily at a rate of about The people who refuse to wear masks and who get absolutely zero empathy from me. Eat a bag of dicks while you choke

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We are having Thanksgiving with my fiancés family a week before and my family the day of. One gathering will just be 4 of us, the other 5, and even so, I feel really uncomfortable. Can’t even imagine having a big Thanksgiving this year. I hope that if these mask hole hillbillies have big thanksgiving gatherings at the trailer park, the hero governors like Cuomo, Whitmer, and Murphy send in the state police. It’s a global pandemic and people are literally dying! You can wait for another year to have a turkey. You should be eating plant-based anyway

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