Horror Movie Character Were Here For The Boos Shirt

Oh, this crazy goose? I would love to see her try and say something on national television and then get utterly humiliated because she sounds like the biggest idiot to walk on two legs. She was elected because she’s ‘pretty’ and likes guns. That’s honestly it. Can’t wait to see how she attempts to go after AOC like she said she would. I’m sure her Karenness will be so effective

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Jesus people need to stop acting tough like the liberal consensus still exists in any country, let alone this one. The crazies can’t be dismissed as crazy anymore, because as it turns out they have a robust circle-jerking network going and anyone who’s a dick isn’t in the ring is utterly incapable of disrupting it with quips and condescension. These people have to be stopped, not written off as a silly phase.

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