Horror Friends In The Car Halloween Shirt

This needs to Horror Friends In The Car Halloween Shirt be something the entire country does. We have rights and I don’t care who you are or where you came from. Americans need to set an example that we will not tolerate this behavior. I have waited to see when the militia would start flexing but I fear any real militia may be racist or ill-intended. An example of strength and solidarity in a peaceful manner across the country may be exactly what wake up those who refuse to see what is happening. I will march when my area starts to follow suit, I hope many others will as well. As a white man can I join these marches? I honestly don’t know the protocol, never been to a protest or walk or anything of that manner. Don’t want to offend or cross a line I guess. Attention democrats and left-leaning people. I’m so happy that the majority of you guys are starting to open up to firearms. The gun owner I used to be afraid of the future of firearms, and when people would say “only the cops need guns” solidified that.

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