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When I die, I want to be placed directly into the ground covered in a decomposable cloth. I then want a tree (preferably a mango or apple tree because I love mangoes and apples) planted above me so that as I decompose, it can use my body as nutrients, and once that tree produces more trees, I’ll be immortalized in nature in away. I really don’t care other than I would like for it to be as inexpensive as possible but really just whatever way helps them best say goodbye to me. IF I were to make the decision just stick me in the ground somewhere in direct contact with dirt.

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The tricky part is, I don’t want my body to be taken by a stranger and cremated in an actual crematorium. I want my family/friends to burn my body. My dad passed away in July and was taken that night. They didn’t have him cremated for I believe two weeks. That thought tore me apart; that he became just a body to store in the freezer until it was his turn. To be completely unrealistic, I want a traditional funeral pyre in the mountains. Or maybe my body could be placed in the path of a wildfire and burned that way. I’ll be dead, so I guess whatever happens doesn’t really matter.