Hockey Things I Do In My Spare Time Shirt

Ubisoft (the company behind For Honor) noticed and accepted that the community had the power to decide if the game would make money so they listened to them and implemented dedicated servers and improved their community management. 3 years later and the game is in a good state with lots of players and support from the Devs going into things the community wants, not what makes more money. Maybe we should organize a blackout to make Bungie take the hint that they better shape up and we’re not going to deal with their bullshit any longer.

Hockey Things I Do In My Spare Time Shirt


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Upvote this. This is the way. All these idiots who are saying “I sPeNt MoNeY sO I’m gOnNa PlAy” are the problem. It’s $10. We spend $5 on specialty Starbucks drinks and sometimes we don’t even finish them. Stop torturing yourself over $10 and quit. Quitting is the only way Bungie will listen. They are a company, and your complaints mean literally nothing so long as you are buying what they are selling. If you love destiny, then the only way to save it is to quit.