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How would they be losing money? I understand that they need to pay the employees to prep and serve them, but they can’t be paying more than a quarter per hot dog. Probably less because they’re Costco and sell a metric shit load of them. My buddy worked there and would sell hundreds per shift, just him. The pizzas I could kind of understand, but a tube of mulched ‘meat’ and a small piece of bread? Isn’t that like the definition of a chief executive officer? Clearly, there is a difference since they exist, so clearly, I’m ignorant here, but what is the difference?

Hippotenuse Adjacite The Math Hippo Shirt


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Personally, I’ve always loved Ikeas hot dog and drink combo and it’s similarly priced. My parents never said no to a hot dog and soft drink and IKEA so it was something to look forward too as I was dragged around that giant store, then in high school, my friends and I would often go there for a cheap meal and somewhere to hang out. you can buy a whole bag of buns for a buck, and probably a whole team of wieners for like $3. no way you lose money selling one wiener and bun for $1.50. even if you douse in it condiments to make it edible, no way those squirts are costing $1.49.