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Because of the color of his skin, he feels obligated to do things to “prove” he’s not what ignorant racists believe. Since then, we have taught each other many lessons…he has opened his mind to what women are forced to endure, and I have come to realize that I was living in a bubble; oblivious to the extent of the atrocities that minorities have been faced with. Trump’s America and his complacency with racism is terrifying. We watched a documentary on my heroine, Ruth Bader Ginseng, a couple of days ago. He paused and made a statement about how he didn’t realize that women of all races have had to fight for equality and rights. He then said something so wise and it should be so obvious…that if we all stand together in solidarity, we become the majority. I’m so lucky to have this man. OP, you and your partner are not alone in this fight.

High Quality St Andrew’s Day Celebration Shirt


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Wow, this feels familiar. I know for me and probably for the majority of my race we have had to play along with racism with insensitive jokes to get accepted as “alright people” (none of those fussy minorities), and that really messes with your sense of integrity. But, you keep doing it because it’s so isolating to not. That’s why minorities always have a group of friends with similar backgrounds because all of a sudden your value as a person skyrockets when being around those people.