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“Our coach is watching a film on guys. He never has time for that,” the GM of an Eastern Conference lottery GM said. “Even when your team is bad, your coach isn’t looking at draft stuff until the season ends. If you make the playoffs, which we usually do, the coach doesn’t look until after you get knocked out. Now, he’s hitting us up multiple times a day about guys he likes. It’s good and it’s bad. We like knowing who he thinks fits. But the draft is a 5-to-10-year decision. Our coach today probably isn’t our coach in five years. We can’t just pick the guys he likes.”

I mostly bring that up because Kerr so obviously doesn’t fit and I’m not sure why you left out Spo since he’s been an HC (and with the program longer than) Carlisle. Also, Hoiberg became the HC for Chicago roughly a year after Kerr and GSW. One has had significantly more success and is unlikely to be ousted, but still. Yep, you right, I should’ve mentioned Heat (very respectable), and perhaps using GSW wasn’t a good example. We’re talking about ownership/FO continuity but my isolated brain jumped to player continuity and brought up GSW.

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