Hi Neighbor Have A Gansett Shirt

This is how I used it. I’ve bought paint brushes, gel pens, some nail stamping plates, but never anything huge, and I never really had issues. But I also haven’t ordered from there in quite a while so not sure if it’s changed a lot. Seems like craft and hobby type items aren’t so much of an issue, as that’s been my experience as well. I bought an ultralight portable camping chair from there last year for £10 delivered, and it’s pretty much indistinguishable from the original it was ripped off from, which costs around £80. Probably made in the same factory.

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Hi Neighbor Have A Gansett Shirt

I love buying from the wish, but I only buy fairly simple items. You can get really good deals on a lot of stuff. The problem is that people are expecting to buy iPhones and name-brand goods. Do you want to buy a pocket knife for $1? Sure, and it’s nice and sharp and decent quality. Want to buy AirPods for $10? You’re going to get a vial of herpes.

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