Heart Sunflower Postal Worker Diamond Shirt

Well honestly, two weeks ago, I didn’t have that much exposure outside of Heart Sunflower Postal Worker Diamond Shirt TikTok! So I just priced it at minimum wage to try to make it as affordable as possible and also offer prints. But then my videos reached Instagram so it became exposed to an older audience. Before I know it, I’m completely sold out! I still don’t think I’m that popular enough to be pricing it higher than minimum wage. I’m actually not solely doing this for the money either. I have a full-time job with an amazing salary, so pricing my art at minimum wage is more than fair to me. It’s for my fun and I’m happy to share it with others! If all you can say about this video is something negative, why even comment? Her artistic talent is awesome, her tools to do the work are great, and her attention to detail is outstanding.

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Heart Sunflower EMT Diamond Premium I Do It For My kids Hoodiea

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