Harley Davidson Willie Nelson Shirt

I make my own coffee in a regular coffee maker (I don’t like the smell or taste of Starbucks, don’t do french press or Keurig), and I frequently add a little bit of cinnamon or nutmeg to the grounds before I brew and it adds a really nice flavor. If you’re concerned about the bitterness, the one thing you can do when making a pot of coffee is to add a small pinch of salt to the grounds. Guaranteed, you’ll find that it really smooths out the flavor (and no it does not make it salt).

Harley Davidson Willie Nelson Hoodie

Harley Davidson Willie Nelson Shirt

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People take Reddit too seriously. Reddit hates Florida, I love my home state and think the jokes are hilarious. We all should lighten up! For what it’s worth, once I took cream and sugar out of my coffee, I felt a lot better physically. After a few weeks, I really started to like the taste. Now I do fresh ground beans in the morning. Big difference. Coffee is a lot like beer; it has an acquired taste, and there are different brews for entry-level taste buds.

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