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But what I gained was a lot of coping skills, a nee appreciation for my family, and eventually, a lot of self worth. I am worth loving to somebody as the person that I am, no matter what anyone else says or tries to do, and I don’t have to be anything other than me to show that. And if they don’t accept me, then they aren’t the right person. I’m not perfect, but I am worth loving.

Happy Snowman Nose Thief Ugly Christmas Shirt

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Does it count if I knew it was a mistake within the first year but tried to work it out for 8 1/2 long grueling years? She isolated me from all my friends, then my family. Pretty consistently tore me down at home, made sure I knew everything I did was stupid and every Idea I had was dumb. I just put up with it because I felt like it was what you were supposed to do, just listen to the wife.