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Canadian here. Every restaurant I’ve worked at has been very diverse, even this northern Ontario place I work at now. The amount of “hire a person that can speak English” fuckers that we tell off, really puts a smile on my face, we have the unique situation of drawing in these people and telling them just how ignorant they are. Maybe some people actually learn from their ignorance, maybe I’m just being hopeful.

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This same story happened to me and a friend in Oregon. We are both brown. We walked in and instantly I felt the weight of everyone staring with judging eyes. I thought it was the masks we were wearing. When we talked about it later my friend said she heard someone shouting “are we going to have a problem here?” And maybe some chuckles. She then presented the idea that it’s because we are brown. We went back and forth retelling the story and considering what it might have been, which made us both feel the same weight.

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