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Yo, if you actually say to yourself “this is going to look so bad” you probably shouldn’t fucking do it. I work in the restaurant industry and there are all sorts of stuff that we do that would look bad in front of customers, so we just don’t do that stuff in front of them. Back of house staff arent exactly known for their stellar education and winning personalities either but we understand optics. They knew what it’d look like. One of the cops literally commented about it in the video.

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You don’t detain somebody, tie them up with ropes like a donkey and then parade them through the town center, directly to the Sheriff’s Office to collect your bounty. It’s in 2020. You can’t get away with that shit. But to do this in this current climate when the BLM movement is (rightfully) enraged? Lmao. I’m black but if this happened to a white person or any other person.

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