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Wasn’t Auckland where the police told a pregnant woman who was resting alone on a park bench to get up and leave. They were also telling solo sunbathers which we’ve learned couldn’t be safer during covid to get up and go home. It helps when you have a population willing to accept basic Marshall law and always do as your told. I’m in Australia and if I were to move to another country it would %100 be NZ. it’s better than AUS but I would want to stay in AUS

Love Cu Vs Bc Tiger Halloween Shirt

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This is truly incredible and masks/SD can absolutely be attributed to the ability to gather in large numbers. That being said we have to remember that the joys and happiness of gathering in large crowds can just as quickly (like 1 to 3 days) be taken away by not doing these things. Stay vigilant. I understand there was prior social distancing, and low reported cases, but isn’t this still risky? With asymptomatic carries and unrecorded cases. I would not be surprised if some cases breakout from this event.

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