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Are all US police as poorly trained as this guy? How does someone clearly out of his depth get to go out and “ command” innocent citizens to obey any order he may wish to make? Do your police have to pass psychological and cognitive tests/ standards before they get given a gun and a God complex? No wonder you’ve got such issues with police brutality, they’ve got no idea on how to deescalate. Yikes, I don’t think I want to visit the US again, and I’m white!

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This brick head was power-hungry and unstable as hell. And people think police training is actually de-escalating the issue, but they’re taught weapons training far more than anything else. It’s people like this who call themselves police officers that need to be weeded out. Whoever this trigger licking cop is is a total disgrace. He seems to like that cruel coward type, like the little bastard in the green mile. A sadist wrapped in a coward. This is the type of guy who if he was on tour would get your squad killed.