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That’s all the fuckin media is lmao. I hate when I have these points of view but I can’t say anything without looking like I support him. Props for doing this, Fox makes every protester look like a rioter/Antifa and liberal media vice versa. I’m an economic conservative (lib right) that voted for him initially and now despises this man. I absolutely HATE double standards. Can you imagine if Obama did half this shit? I used to think Obama was fucking evil LMFAO. Still not a Democrat, but I’m a true American who served my country and I’ll defend the constitution until the day I die. If you’re a true American and truly support our constitution you would have no room to justify this man’s actions.

Happy Halloween Reading Witch Not Only Because The Broom Is Broken Shirt

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See this is the shit that needs to stop. He didn’t stare at the sun. He glances at it for an instant. He has performed countless other atrocities. Try to focus on shit that actually happened and actually impacts other people. Holy shit it was for a fraction of a second. People do that all the time. Doing that during an eclipse doesn’t mean the sun’s power is amplified and you will be turned into a liquid goo if you look for a fraction of a second. The „source“ also states that the president didn’t use the word „nuclear“ which the title said. A prime example for yellow press IMO.