Happy Bordeaux Dogge I Only Bite Stupid People Shirt

Also, who the fuck would lay out the products like that for a promotional shoot. We all know that was his intention as well even if it’s not an official promotional shoot. It looks like how a child playing shop keeper would lay out their fake groceries. There’s literally zero thought or planning that has gone into this other than “get me some Goya products”. Do you remember that one super crazy fucking thing Obama did when he was president though? He wore a fucking TAN SUIT!! Jesus. I can’t imagine if Trump wore a tan suit.


Happy Bordeaux Dogge I Only Bite Stupid People Hoodie

Happy Bordeaux Dogge I Only Bite Stupid People Shirt

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It’s not the canned bean lobby. The CEO of Goya stated that America is blessed to have Trump as president. This caused a backlash among Goya’s consumers because they are 99% Hispanic, a demographic that Trump has not exactly been respectful toward. Trump loves anybody that loves him, so now he’s trying to “help” Goya by endorsing their products. I imagine there’s a campaign contribution in there somewhere as well. The fact that he thought this would be OK is absolutely astonishing. Even if it were a joke it would still be in pretty bad taste with the world as it is.

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