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Two, the fact that her dad was willing to come to punch you is also telling of their own weird family dynamic. You’re a kid, and she is a bit older and almost an adult, but at the end of the day it’s a kids fight (still very not cool the punch to the face). I just want to say the world is very big and you can leave and explore when you’re old enough. Your immediate social circle and surroundings might be your everyday life for now but if you can hold on and be a decent person you can make your own life and leave these crapy pseudo-events perpetrated by losers behind.

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Happy Bluey Dad Shirt

Quite honestly given the ages I don’t really understand the gender issue here at all. Like, they are kids and by most timelines, your cousin is likely ahead of you in the puberty development cycle… I feel like the reaction from his aunt and uncle has more to it than teenagers hitting each other. There’s usually more to it than that – they could very well be using it as an excuse to take out frustration, dislike, or other qualms against OP and his parents.

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