Happy Biden 2020 Make Deplorables Cry Again Shirt

Maybe a hot take but I’ll say it. Yes, the polls were off by a significant number and we would have liked to see the blowout most of us expected, but if, as is likely, Biden takes AZ, NV, PA, comes close to a tie in GA, that’s a pretty fucking strong showing. He’ll end up having a 4 million-ish advantage over Trump in the popular vote. We have all doomed and gloomed about how much less of a statement this election will be, but when all is said and done, it will still be a pretty resounding victory.

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I love how Trump supporters are absolutely surprised Trump lost. Do they not realize they are a loud minority? They cited Biden’s small rallies and lack of Biden signs in people’s yards as a sign that Biden will not win. As if they equate to votes. I hope they’ve learned their lesson… don’t piss off Democrats. Don’t piss off people that actually do care about the direction this nation is going in.

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