Happy Best Kamala Harris Comma La 2021 Shirt

Designed and custom printed my best friend a sweatshirt (she’s obsessed with sweatshirts right now) with the art of her favorite characters from her favorite book. She’s talked about wanting something from her book basically every day this month and lamented that they don’t make merchandise, but I can’t say anything about it yet

Best Kamala Harris Comma La 2021 Shirt- Design By Girltshirt.com

I go to antique and thrift stores a lot with my two roommates. One day about a month and a half ago she spotted a Bols ballerina bottle— for those who don’t know, Bols did a line of booze where the bottles had a ballerina and music box inside of it. It’s pretty neat, google it. Anyways she really wanted it and fell in love with it but it was 80 bucks— too expensive for her.