Hand I See Your True Colors That’S Why I Love You Autism Shirt

People were telling me to take off the PPE because it was a “hoax by the Democrats.” There was Nazi imagery. There were conspiracies about how 5G was spreading the virus. Participants were riled the US flag wasn’t flying on the Capitol, even though it WAS FLYING on the other side of the building. And then there were the military cosplayers. It’s laughable that they’re pointing at currently low COVID-19 death counts as if they were proof of some ulterior agenda, ignoring that those deaths are despite some of the most stringent public health restrictions most people have seen in their lifetimes. Of course, they’re low if we’re working as hard as we can to keep them that way! What do they think will happen once hospitals have more patient volume than they can handle, and equipment, medications, PPE become more scarce, and they start losing healthcare providers to infections? Never mind that we’re starting to learn that some of those that recover are dealing with long-term health issues due to organ (heart, kidney, lung) or neurological damage.

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