Hand I See Your True Colors That’S Why I Love You Autism Shirt

I ask my idiot brother-in-law once in a while whatever happened to those FEMA camps Obama was going to imprison Republicans or gun owners or whomever in? He said they he’s still going to do it, he’s just waiting a while. Some people never develop the critical thinking skills needed to evaluate how they think as it requires extended internal dialogue. It usually needs to be taught at a young age. And some people have blind spots to their core beliefs that are unwavering. It’s how they deal with cognitive dissonance.

Hand I See Your True Colors That'S Why I Love You Autism Hoodie

Hand I See Your True Colors That’S Why I Love You Autism Shirt


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I am tired. I read that and laughed at the thought of free-range people. My brain makes weird connections when I am tired. She knows what she said. Her words were deliberate. She said “caging” to get people riled up (well, the people who care about immigrants), and talking about her again, to put herself in the headlines so she can spew more vitriol. She had no problem with Hispanic people being caged up. What a disgusting woman.

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