Hamster Guinea Pig Monster Pumpkin Halloween Shirt

Yeah. People like that I think will have a very hard time when other, less fortunate people become desperate though. I know some people have talked about where they can “get” money, food, or whatever when things get real bad. Worries me, because I wonder how many other people, who struggle with putting food on the table, will resort to when things get worse. That’s the main reason why I just bought a shotgun for protection. Do I think we’re going to fall into a dystopia hellscape within a week? No. Do I think there are many many people out of work right now and who will be in the near future and will thus become desperate and more prone to crime in the coming years? Yes.

Hamster Guinea Pig Monster Pumpkin Halloween Shirt


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Honestly crossing my fingers for a forced quarantine. My boss refuses to close our office, and he also is still coming in to work every day, despite flying back from a conference in Florida a week ago. I am so scared for my high-risk parents, and I don’t know if I’d ever been able to forgive myself if I pick it up from work and bring it to them, but I need the paycheck.