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I’m all for a tribute to this guy – it’s sad when anyone dies for any reason – but to twist this into something that it isn’t just to feel better is not the way. Disney is an evil giant picking its teeth with all of our bones. A few more toothpicks will only make their fangs all the more menacing. What part of “ad-free” did you miss? They are not making money, though perhaps are gaining some goodwill (only one of which do shareholders care about). And I wasn’t commenting on Disney, it was a response to someone who seemed to believe that Chadwick Boseman was unworthy of a tribute.

Halloween Jason Voorhees Chibi Free Hugs Just Kidding Dont Touch Me Shirt

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It’s weird to me that you think making a profit is always contradictory to the public interest. I’m no raging capitalist but even if Disney were only doing this with a profit motive (something I don’t fully concede), it doesn’t make the action illegitimate. I’m aware that Black Panther exists due to profit-seeking, for example. But it was also a tremendously important and meaningful movie, more so because it was “just” a comic book movie. The same can be true here. One doesn’t negate the other.