Halloween Hocus Pocus Whataburger Shirt

They started the Senate hearing with the preface that Louis DeJoy was not appointed by trump but rather the USPS board of governors. But every member of the board of governors is a trump appointee plucked from a finance/private equity. They even got a douche from Lehman Bros That’s exactly what he’s doing. So perhaps our Governor is truly doing the citizens of Ohio a favor by staying neutral on Nacho Supreme.

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Halloween Hocus Pocus Whataburger Shirt

Oh well, I guess our republican senators are totally fine with this behavior from the president. What if a democratic president were to purposely slow down mail-in Republican counties. Oh, right I forgot republicans enjoy a lovely double standard in this country. Silly me, you see that would be an attack on democracy and would prompt immediate action to impeach and remove this fantasy democratic president.

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