Halloween Freddy Krueger I Want You For Your Soul Shirt

The key with adjusting it is (after finding the right Allen key diameter) to “break” the connection with the nut by first turning it LEFT to loosen it. It may take a little force, but be firm and controlled. Then you can freely move the nut and screw as you like. Once you’ve got it about where you want, you’ll actually want to turn the screw back about a quarter/half turn before moving the nut into place. If the nut is finger-tight up against the inside surface of the handle, you’ll have about that much more to tighten before the friction fit actually locks everything in place. (I don’t feel comfortable handling a nipper, Allen key, and wrench all at once in that small space, so directly tightening the nut is a no-go.) It’ll take some trial and error, but you’ll get a feeling for where you want it after a few minutes.

Halloween Freddy Krueger I Want You For Your Soul Shirt

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I’ve built some gunplay and the Zoid liger as well nothing too different but some people do recommend gluing some parts of the Zoids for them to not fall apart too easily. The gluing part is totally up to you tho, it’s fine as it is for me most of the time not sure what type of recommendations you’re after but the HMM Liger zero by kotobukiya is essentially the most recent and most actual model kit version of the liger zero out there, other versions include the older motorized toys, etc.






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