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Having grown up in the rural South, I’ve been a Republican my whole life as well, up until the last few years anyway, and I’ll admit voting for Bernie or Biden (especially Biden) is a fairly tough pill to swallow. However, I will because as much as I don’t see eye to eye with either of them, I can’t morally support someone who’s actively steering us off a cliff. I have to imagine I am far from the only person who feels that way. I’m expecting a few of his voters will just sit the election out. There is no way in hell they will vote for a democrat, but they may decide that they just can’t vote Trump. Personally, I hope this rattles enough of them that he gets crushed in the general.

Halloween Coolest Pumpkin In The Patch Boys Girls Kids Shirt


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I think we can all, liberals and conservatives alike, agree that the most important thing for the administration to have done was install as many fucking conservative judges as possible. It’s all very well being prepared for a pandemic, but that’s not going to meddle with women’s reproductive systems and ward off gun control, now is it? Because once they admit that, then there’s a whole host of stuff were controlling the OUTCOME is the priority, which kicks the private sector out the door because their primary goal, to which all others are subservient, is profit, NOT the outcome.