Halloween Autism Awareness Pumpkin See The Able Not The Label Shirt

This may be for the moderators, such as /u/Kayvanian, etc, but could a megathread be considered for all of the “My X has died, and I made this tribute for them” threads. Not to sound cynical, but they are a daily occurrence now and an easy source of karma, with no (edit – sensitive) way of verifying. Plus, more importantly, it can be upsetting for people dealing with similar losses to see this on a subreddit for a game about relaxing, and jovial fun.

Halloween Autism Awareness Pumpkin See The Able Not The Label Shirt

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I’ve been having problems with some areas in my island having a drop in FPS when I run through it. I have edited the areas to have fewer items and even got rid of waterfalls throughout my whole island and it improved somewhat but the problem persists. At first, I thought the areas are too congested with items. But I have other places with a lot more decorations and things going on that doesn’t have this issue.






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