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My name is (insert very typical white name). He looks at me confused and he repeats it with a weird accent and extenuating the letters to give it a weird pronunciation. So I repeat it. He still does this same thing. I kid you not we go over this like 6 times. He then says, spells it for me because it’s ridiculous at this point. And so I spell it. And then he says, “ oh.. it says my name correctly and easily.” Because of my ethnicity and race, this man assumed my name was some exotic name and no matter how many times I told him, he wasn’t listening to me because he didn’t actually see me he just saw the color of my skin.

Great Heroes Come And Go But Legends Are Forever 24 Kobe Bryant Basketball Shirt


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Fellow Canadian and your story reminded me of a teacher we had in high school. I went to a school that was quite popular with people of Italian descent. The one teacher who always did the speaking at things like assemblies and awards ceremonies took great pride in pronouncing Italian names correctly, accent, rolled Rs, and all. Except for those of us with hilariously generic last names that have nothing to do with Italy were subject to the same fake accent. It was hilarious and awful.

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