Grab ‘Em By The Ballot Strong Woman Shirt

Is it material? (in the context of the overall federal budget, structure or organization of the government, or society writ large?) Good example: tax reform, a multi-trillion dollar decision. Bad example: increasing school choice by $42 million- that’s literally a rounding error for the department of the education budget. So…. here’s a list that I think potentially pass all three, as someone who finds him pretty loathsome.

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Grab 'Em By The Ballot Strong Woman Shirt

killing Suleiman – let’s be real, Obama foreign policy wasn’t particularly assertive and they were scared of their shadows. Most foreign policy experts on both sides would agree Obama was not a huge foreign policy success. Of course, Iran responded in a highly measured way- the US has escalation dominance vs Iran- they aren’t suicidal. A more aggressive US posture is likely good for world order…

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