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Nonetheless, I do agree, that the types of scenarios that you and your partner went through escalate quickly and to beyond stupid levels and I really wish that we had a clearer path to “fixing” the stupid that exists in people like the one you encountered. There is neither excuse nor justification in the times we live in today that would warrant negative behavior toward anyone because of the color of their skin (or many other things). A place such as that doesn’t deserve your business.

Good You Can’t Scare Me I Am A Proud Son-In-Law Shirt


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So your theory is that the server working in a busy restaurant on her own put the upgrade on the ticket but then informed the line cook just trying to survive a big rush that it was for a brown guy and they decided to fuck him out of his two pieces of bacon on his burger or whatever? Yes please list the restaurant and location so we can collectively tarnish this place’s name. It may not be safe for us to demand fair treatment in person, but there are other ways around that thanks to the interwebs.